Lutron RRD-PRO-WH Ra2 Pro Led+ Dimmer


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Lutron RRD-PRO-WH Ra2 Pro Led+ Dimmer is the main Ra2 Dimmer Lutron Ra2 & Ra2 Select of any lighting control solution. The Lutron Ra2 RRD-PRO-WH dimmer can handle 250 W (CFL/LED) or 500 W/VA Incandescent/Halogen/ELV or 400 VA Magnetic Low Voltage and is a Phase Selectable, Neutral Optional dimmer. Lutron has a lighting control solution for commerical and residential systems that have been designed & tested by Lutron. Every Lutron control is tested to ensure each product upholds Lutron high standards for lighting control, ensuring each end user has their desired experience.

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