Lutron RR-VCRX-WH Radio RA2 Visor Controls


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The Lutron RR-VCRX-WH Radio RA2 Visor Controls allow lights, shades /draperies, and other equipment to be controlled from the car with just a touch of a button on a Visor Control Transmitter or a HomeLink® compatible visor control.

Up to ten (10) Transmitters can be used with a Visor Control Receiver.

The Receiver provides two (2) Contact Closure Inputs (CCI) for integration with other systems and one (1) CCI for security systems.

The Receiver also has four (4) maintained or momentary Contact Closure Outputs (CCO) to control up to four (4) garage doors or motorized gates.

Lutron RR-VCRX-WH Manufacturer Spec Sheet


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